The vulnerability of the environment, the financial crisis, the possible energy crisis and the declining of moral values – it is not so difficult to summarise some points of concern in relation to the future of our beautiful planet.

Our “civilised” society always tries to face its problems with solutions coming from the intellect. The question however is whether this approach is just fighting symptoms or is it really hitting the primal cause of the problems?

In my opinion our modern Western culture is basically a culture of the “ego”. Our own interest comes first and the idea of respect for our environment and our fellow man seems to become a rarity. It looks as if our planet and its people are exploited instead of cared for. The fact that this has been going on for a very long time is – in my opinion – the cause of our actual alarming situation.
For this reason, intellectual solutions like reduction of CO2 emissions, new banking principles, energy reduction and heavier punishment will not be enough to bring about the fundamental change in human behavior which apparently is so badly needed.

It has been said many times before: only from “within” can real change in human behavior develop. This means that man has to restore his lost relationship with “where he came from”, his source. The revealing of this relationship has always been the “core business” of religion. Apparently the results of religion in this matter have failed.

In different cultures and different times there have always been people who managed to fathom the mystery of religion, the mystery of life. These people were called mystics. I consider myself to be such a mystic. My book “Initiation into Reality” aims to bring the reader back to the “Eternal love of the Absolute”. When people discover that at the bottom of their soul they are connected with the Absolute, their life changes fundamentally and by that their behavior also.

Two “healing secrets” which are revealed to the reader in my book are: the non-existence of Time and the spiritual meaning of sexuality. The importance of these insights is beyond measure. Let me explain briefly:

1) We think that time exists because we see everything change. The fact is however that all change originates from within the subject. Reality (the Absolute) is the “eternal Now”, in which everything changes. Time is just a concept to measure this change (if you wish, from the “big-bang” until today).
Just as there exist no centimeters or pounds, there exist no minutes or hours. These concepts are just meant to measure distance, weight and change, respectively.

If “the world” should understand this, people should strive to focus on the Now, i.e. Reality, and in this way find the way back to their source.

2) The spiritual meaning of sexuality: when people learn that the original sin is egoism and selfishness, instead of sexuality, they will overcome their feelings of guilt and by accepting sexuality transcend their sexual emotions. In witnessing and controlling the “life energy” during the “dance of love”, the vision of the Absolute may happen. With this man realises his true nature and becomes free (from sexual emotions and other addictions of the mind and ego). The impact of this insight into the real value of sexuality in human relationship will be obvious.

These are only two examples of insights which can change society, if generally understood.

In my view the ideal solution for facing the problems of our planet is to establish a connection between our inner wisdom (still too much hidden at the moment) and our ratio, our intellect.

Or, in other words: let our head be inspired by our heart, only wisdom can save the world…

About the Author:
Hans Meijer is author of “Initiation into Reality” and a contemporary mystic. For more than 20 years he has taught ancient spiritual wisdom in The Netherlands. For more information see:

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  1. I find it fascinating that there are now many books and articles on the subject of the eternal now. This is a positive sign. During an NDE in 1975 I was given certain insights one of which was, in the ultimate there is only one of us. I discovered conscious energy which we all have surrounding and running through us. If you go to you will see examples of this energy. I am still working on understanding the eternal now any suggestions? Namaste, Chris

  2. hans says:

    Hi Chris,
    I think your comment is meant for the other post, about the eternal now.
    You ask my suggestions for better understanding of the eternal now. I can only say: try to be in the eternal now for a while every day (and see what happens…).

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