• Shiva is Reality
    Reality is Shiva
  • Allah is Reality
    Reality is Allah
  • Nirvana is Reality
    Reality is Nirvana
  • God is Reality
    Reality is God


Initiation into Reality

Truth Revealed Again


To all the people who want to contribute to a better world.



Part I: Basics of the Ancient Universal Hindu Wisdom

1.01 Introduction

1.02 East and West Can Meet

1.03 Sacred Knowledge Needs to be Protected

1.04 Man’s Most Important Relationship

1.05 By the Perceptible Reality to the Ultimate Reality

1.06 Enlightenment Means Experiencing Reality

1.07 Reality Became You and Me

1.08 Yoga: To Unite With Reality

1.09 We Are More Than Our Thoughts

1.10 Outlines of the Four Traditional Yoga Ways to Enlightenment

1.11 The Importance of the Realization of Reality

1.12 Why Is There So Much Misery?

1.13 What Is the Main Cause of Human Ignorance About Reality?

1.14 Every Effort Will Have Its Value…

Part II: Everything That Exists Originates From ONE

2. 01 Introduction

2.02 “God Created Man in His Own Image”

2.03 Seeing Through Relativity Is Necessary

2.04 The Absolute:

a. The Eternal NOW

b. To Fathom the “Great Void” Is Not Possible

c. The Relationship Between the Absolute and the Human Soul

d. Does the Absolute Have “Characteristics”?

e. Can the Absolute Intervene in Our Lives?

f. As the Absolute Is “Perfect,” Why Then Is There So Much Misery in the   World?

2.05 The Illusion of the Visible World

2.06 To Name the Unnameable

2.07 Without Brahman, Nothing Can Exist

2.08 What Is the Connection Between Brahman and Maya?

2.09 The Divine in Man

2.10 Not Two

2.11 Meditation

2.12 Insight Into the “One” Shows Us That We All Are the “One”

2.13 Sri Shankara

2.14 Insight Into Reality Leads to Dharma, Dharma Leads to Happiness

2.15 Detachment Yes, Indifference No

2.16 Freedom Means to Be Able to Do What One Should Do

2.17 The True Guru

Part III: Growing Toward Insight Into Reality Through:

  • Understanding How Creation Works

  • Experiencing Creation in One’s Own Self

3.01 Introduction

3.02 The Samkhya Philosophy: Dualistic or Non-Dualistic?

3.03 In What Way Is Life Brought About?

3.04 Concepts Used in the Samkhya Philosophy

3.05 Rebirth and Reincarnation

3.06 The Three Gunas

3.07 A Summary of the Samkhya Philosophy

3.08 The Importance of the Samkhya Philosophy for Spiritual Seekers

3.09 Tantra Yoga and its Place in Our “Initiation”

3.10 Introduction to Tantra

3.11 Basic Concepts Used in Tantra

3.12 Shakti As Starting Point

3.13 How Do We Experience Shakti?

3.14 Shakti Needs to Rise in Order to Become One With Shiva

3.15 The Seven Chakras

3.16 Shakti Regarded As Sexual Energy

3.17 Not Aiming for an Orgasm Deepens Your Experience

3.18 The Use of Tantra in Handling Our Daily Problems

3.19 The Practice of the Sexual Aspect of Tantra in More Detail

3.20 The So-Called “Right-Handed Tantra and Left-Handed Tantra”

3.21 The Value of the Sexual Aspects of Tantra for the Spiritual Seeker

Part IV: Becoming Aware of Reality Through Right Action

4.01 Introduction

4.02 The Meaning of the Word “Karma”

4.03 Should We Interfere With Our Natural Inner Development?

4.04 Where Do Our Motivations For Our Actions Come From?

4.05 Dharma: A Key Concept in Spirituality

4.06 If the Nature of Existence (Dharma) is “Right,” Then What About Suffering and Death?

4.07 It Is Our Ego That Prevents Us from Seeing Reality

4.08 Three Levels of Ego

4.09 How to Handle the Ego

4.10 The Bhagavad Gita

4.11 The Purpose of Rituals

4.12 Rituals Can Lead to the “True” Sacrifice

4.13 Right Action Leads to Devotion

4.14 Looking Back

4.15 The Necessity of Staying in Tune with “The Source”

4.16 A Comparison with Buddhism

4.17 Five Hundred years later in Palestine

Part V: Self-Realization Through Love and Devotion Toward . . .

5.01 Introduction

5.02 In True Devotion the Aim Is Union with the Transcendental Reality

5.03 What Is Devotion?

5.04 Some Thoughts About Love

5.05 How to Choose the Subject for Our “Perfect Spiritual Relationship”

5.06 The Guru: Blessing or Trap?

5.07 How Is it Possible That Devotion Can Result in Enlightenment?

5.08 Why Do We Experience Peace and Happiness in Our Vision of Reality?

5.09 Some General Thoughts About Bhakti, Devotion

5.10 A Saint With an Important Message for Us


  1. The Catastrophe of “Not Knowing”

  2. How Is it That “Knowing” Will Change the World?

  3. The Role of Religion in Spiritual Guidance

  4. Christianity: Understanding and Practicing the Essence and Putting Dogma into Perspective Will Help

  5. Islam: Surrender to God Yes, but Please Let Me Do This in My Own Way

  6. Hinduism: Clear Up All the Confusion About the Gods and Goddesses

  7. Buddhism: Please Reveal to Us What’s Behind the Smile of the Buddha

  8. Manur Bhava!