• Shiva is Reality
    Reality is Shiva
  • Allah is Reality
    Reality is Allah
  • Nirvana is Reality
    Reality is Nirvana
  • God is Reality
    Reality is God


Statistically, Christianity has the largest following in the world.
However, it must be observed that the greater part of this following does not put the essence of their religion into practice. Of course we know now why this is so—that is what this whole book is about. In order to be motivated to live like a Christian, one has to have the right understanding of the essence of Christianity.

Briefly spoken, the essence of Christianity can be summarized in the saying: ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ In my view, the meaning of this important statement is not clearly understood. As long as we identify ourselves with our ego (as almost everybody does), our ‘love’ for others will be mainly selfish. When we approach our fellow men with a selfish attitude, our own interest comes first. This is what we see all over the world and that is why inequality and poverty continue to exist. So, before we begin to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’, we first have to understand ourselves. As you may have noticed, this entire book deals with the eternal question: ‘Who are we?’ The answer may now be clear to the reader. The Absolute (Reality) has become us, we are the Absolute. Or, in Christian terms, at the bottom of our soul we are united with God.

To become aware of this inner union, we need Jesus Christ as an intermediary. The more we understand Jesus, the more we understand ‘The Father and the Holy Ghost’, because in essence these three are one—the Holy Trinity.

I think you will understand now that, in my opinion, the Christian spiritual leaders should emphasize ‘loudly and clearly’ that in order to find real happiness and to be able to put into practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ, man should give up his ‘boundless’ selfishness and try to establish an intimate relationship with the living (timeless) Jesus in his/her own soul. Then he/she will come to know his/her real Self, and after that the love for one’s neighbor will follow automatically (Parts IV and V of this book).
(from Epilogue D. Christianity: Understanding and Practicing the Essence  and Putting Dogma into Perspective Will Help)