• Shiva is Reality
    Reality is Shiva
  • Allah is Reality
    Reality is Allah
  • Nirvana is Reality
    Reality is Nirvana
  • God is Reality
    Reality is God


Unlike Christianity, Islam does not have an ordained clergy, or a hierarchy of bishops, cardinals, and a Pope, as Catholics do.

It has Imams—religious leaders who are not necessarily trained or consecrated—who lead the religious services and can be approached for guidance. So if Islam were to develop (there are also moderate influences), then this would probably happen through the Imams.

In the context of this book, the following suggestions could be made to them:

if there is only one God who created all, then we all are His children (whatever background we may have). Whereas we all have to grow toward maturity (approaching Him), please respect every man and woman’s right to associate with God in his or her own way. Don’t judge people by their outer religious performance; we all are linked to God inside us. Free Islam from the ‘straightjacket’ of fear and feelings of guilt (in relation to the hereafter), and accept peoples’ right to think for themselves. A tolerant Islam fits better into our modern world and will, in the long term, be more supporting for its followers.
(from Epilogue E. Islam: Surrender to God Yes, but Please Let Me Do This in My Own Way)