• Shiva is Reality
    Reality is Shiva
  • Allah is Reality
    Reality is Allah
  • Nirvana is Reality
    Reality is Nirvana
  • God is Reality
    Reality is God

What readers say

“Initiation into Reality is the fruitful harvest of one man`s search into the nature of ultimate truth. By mining the core of all of the great mystical traditions and applying specific practices from some of them to his life, Hans has found a unique way to access the Absolute, an important step for all seekers on the path to a Kosmos-centered life”.

Craigh Hamilton (US), founder of Integral Enlightenment 


“This book gives a well written description of the Hindu concept of non-duality, which does not swamp the reader with loads of Sanskrit terms. The benefits of attaining insight into Reality are well described, as are the problems experienced by those who have not had such insight”.

Anand Shraddan (UK) author of Path to No Path 


“Wow, if everybody should understand Reality! This would really make a difference!”.

Mike Greenway (UK)


“Finally I found a book which made me understand what is meant by words like mysticism, enlightenment and even …God. Thank you Hans!”.

Virginia Westwood (US)


“Initiation into Reality has really given me understanding of the meaning of (my) life. What is told looks simple but one has to dive deep to find the hidden treasure”.

John Reed  (US)


“Plainly written, no woolly waffle and straight to the point”.

Janine Legrom (Holland)


Q: Swamiji, did you read my book already? You promised to comment…

Yes, your “Initiation into Reality” is a well-written fine book. I expressed my views & congratulated you in FB, just after receiving the same. May you by the grace of the Almighty  enrich the field more through your contribution. Be Blessed.

Srividyaswami M N Saraswati, Varanasi (India)


“I loved your book.  It was clear and easy to understand.  I loaned it to a friend and then they loaned it (without asking me) to someone else and I am yet to receive it back,  Thank you very much for your efforts and kindness in sharing your wisdom”.

Launa Davis (US)